Our story starts where most stories end. We are a team of three professionals who were going about their predictable daily routine until beginning of 2014. Our safe careers gave us everything we thought we wanted but somehow ceased our ability to achieve something bigger than ourselves. In turn, we decided to utilize our knowledge, risk-taking behavior, and perseverance towards venturing into social entrepreneurship.

For centuries, millions of people around the world have been using water to clean their intimate body parts after answering call of nature. Some prefer to use water along with toilet paper while others tend to rely exclusively on water. The more we learned about various aspects of this cleaning method, the more we realized the lack of it in mainstream bathrooms. Our research within US also revealed that many people are familiar with this method but their choice of vessel is often limited to using a watering pot, or empty soda bottle. Both seemed dated and foreign to the bathroom experience of many individuals. Our team’s inclination was to design a vessel that is contemporary, sleek, and user-friendly. Moreover, introducing water based cleaning is an attempt to reduce toilet paper usage to save trees.

Aquabean is a portable, lightweight vessel that will provide environment-friendly solution for maintaining personal hygiene by using water. We have kept it at par with American values of remaining innovative & relevant. This concludes our story – story of three individuals who care about personal hygiene, nature, and environment. It has been an interesting journey on a road less traveled by.